hello. cutie!

i started alot of projects last week… and i did not get them finished… sooo i started a new page today and i am so happy i did, because i love this one!
my little one 3 yrs. ago… my little cutie!



i used alot of layers under that photo… painted them with gesso… added stitches and more layers…
and alot of washi tape… i am totally addicted!!
circles, stars and more stitches…
let´s see what i used for that page…
scrapbook werkstatt – weltenbummler – clear stamps ‚wo immer du willst‘
studio calico – snippets – holla paper
glitz design – color me happy – bits&pieces & 6×6 paper pad
my mind´s eye – collectable – „smile“ lable sticker
Pebbles Inc. – Seen & Noted – Alpha-Stickers Black
rest from my stash…

thanks for looking 🙂

3 new layouts…

hi there, i have 3 new layouts to show you today!
i´ll start with a special one for my 3 boys ❤
life is good with you around! oh yes, it is!
it´s a simple design… but i love it!
i started on the paper with circles and paint…
and i love the circles so i punched out the photos…  and the title is just perfect for it!


and stars… for sure i used them! starts are the hearts for boys, kwim? 😉
glitz designs – paper pack uncharted waters & giant doodle roller chevron
my mind´s eye – collectable – paper
authentique *peaceful* elements sticker
simple stories – SN@P – stickers typeset
Pebbles Inc. – Seen & Noted Alpha
cardstock, doilie, acryl, watercolor and sewing machine

the second page i want to show you is my battle layout from sunday… the scrapbook werkstatt had a awesome battle… 2 teams with 12 people each side…. lift battle! SO much fun! oh and we won that game! yay!
the story about the layout… i started a new job in a fabric store here in town… and i got my own keys!! awesome moment and a worth a layout!


let´s see what i´ve used for this page…
Studio Calico – Snippets – Hey Howdy Papers
Studio Caliso – Snippets – Die Cuts – Journal Cards – Weekdays
wycinanka designed by scrapbook werkstatt chipboard – die cuts – armor pfeil & schreibmaschine
lori whitlock – for the record 2 alpha
glitz design – paper layers – uncharted waters
old papers, paint, acryl and rest from my stash

so and the last page for today is a baby page… well, kind of…
i used some great paper from the scrapbook werkstatt called so ist das leben designed by birgit krasenbrink
look at that little one, my oldest son in the age of 6 months… CUTIE!!
and for sure i tried something new on this page too!
some paint, some old papers and some strings….
some wood veneers….
and stitches… for sure 😉
scrapbook werkstatt – so ist das leben – Paper NO.3 & NO.6
wycinanka designed by scrapbook werkstatt chipboard – die cuts – triangles
glitz design – giant doodle roller chevron & paper pack color me happy
authentique *peaceful* element stickers
lori whitlock – for the record 2 alpha
studio calico – wood veneers

oh wow, that´s alot for today…
hope you enjoyed your stay here 😉
thanks for looking


hi there… i hope you´re all doing good! i´ve a new page for ya today…
and i LOVE that one! i got my new glitz design roller stamps and they are awesome! i´ve to use them right away! of course 😉
these arrows are my favorites! and the anchor! i need a new tattoo with a BIG anchor… old school style 😉
i also used my self made stamps on these page… alot of acryl & watercolors! it´s awesome to try new things out, but you know, i am new at paper scrapbooking so every page is something new for me!

i tried a tutorial for this washi tape feathers and i really like how they turned out! tutorial from here -> paperiliitin
title says: one day in the summer
that photo is from last year, and i really LOVE it… see? i love SO many things 😉
the credits:
glitz design – giant doodle roller chevron, uncharted waters paper & paper layers
studio calico – yearbook paper & wood veneer chevrons
Seen & Noted Alpha, simple stories – SN@P – stickers typeset
Pebbles Inc. – Seen & Noted Alpha
Scrapbook Werkstatt – Wertmarken – Mein Tag
stamps by me, doilie, acryl, watercolors, ink and my sewing machine
that´s all for today
have a great night

you had me at…

…Hello! yes, that is true! my hubby and i felt in love the first time we saw each other! nearly 7 yrs ago…
this time i wanted to have some arrow stamps on my page, but i did not have anyone… so i made some by myself!


and for the background i wanted to have some bubble wraps… for sure 😉 just some light white…

this time i had my middle one with me, and he had ALOT of fun creating his own stamps… he wanted to create a special page for me. so he looked for a photo and a paper… started with stamps and bubble wraps… and color!
and wow, he is very creative! i totally love that page he created! wanna see? sure you want 😉
isn´t it beautiful?? *sigh
so let me show you some photos from my page 😉
oh, i needed more stamps… cute!
preparing the paper with watercolors and acryl… oh and stamps 😉
just some more arrows… i love the ILS papers, so much!


that photo is 6 yrs old… but i love it!

the finished page…
and the credits:
wood veneers – sudio calico
lilybee design – ABC Stickers
cratepaper – alpha
ILS {ilowescrap} – why not? – strip *cute* & Summer Dreamer 05/06
stamps by me, cardstock from my stash
doilie, acryl, watercolors, ink and my sewing machine

thanks for the look… oh and maybe you want to join me on facebook? see right side 😉
have a great day

*smile BIG*

hi there, i´ve a cute page for you today… from my oldest son in the age of 3 🙂 i love that photo so so much…
i told you that he is turning 12 this year and i can hardly believe that! i mean, seriously… he is getting big to fast!
look at that cute smiling face! i really miss that time! kwim?
i made some more stamps by my own, so much fun!
and i am addicted to paint! really… but i guess you already noticed that 😉
mister huey´s some watercolor and acryl…


really love how this page turns out!
the little wood veneer camera was the perfect little touch! and it covers the S from snap shotS perfectly 😉

let´s see what i´ve used on this page…
mister huey´s & wood veneers from studio calico
Lori Whitlock – For the Record2 Alpha, Pebbles Inc. – Seen & Noted Alpha
my mind´s eye – collectable – tiny word stickers & paper
simple stories – sn@p life cards, scrapbook werkstatt – welten bummler stamps
white & black carstock from my stash
washi tape, acryl, watercolor, my own stamps and alot of FUN
that´s all for today
i wish you all a great sunday


i am LOST but there´s still HOPE! i don´t know where i am going, but i am going!
i am not in a good mood at the moment, i lost a very important part of my {internet} life and i am shocked and still sad! not a real person but a stunning community & store! i am a digital scrapbooking designer and the site i was selling at had a BIG crush and the back up didn´t work… so…everything is GONE! i mean, seriously… e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!! maybe you can feel my pain… maybe not! but i tell ya it´s a rough time right now! so with all this drama i had a scrap therapy today! i made it messy and photoless! art page… mixed media… i don´t know 😉

acryl, paint, ink, watercolors… wahsi tape, stamps and staples…

then i started thinking of the title placement… i had a idea during the arrow stamping…
so i used different alphas, sizes and colors…



i don´t know where i´m going… but i´m going!
‘I like this’, ILS {I lowe Scrap} – WHY NOT? – Strip ‘Cute’,
lilybee design – ABC Stickers, Pebbles Inc. – Seen & Noted Alpha, simple stories – SN@P – stickers typeset
cardstock from my stash, acryl, watercolor, ink, stamps, washi tape, staples and some paper stars/butterfly
thanks for the look

you´re a NERD

and i really love that!
the layout was so much fun to create! that photo is a bit older but it shows my middle one and he is a smart guy! he´s a book nerd and he knows ALOT! he jumped from class one into class two after 4 months of school! yay! but on the other side he is a wild boy! a little devilish, that is totally true 😉

das layout hat mir richtig spaß gemacht! das foto ist etwas älter aber es zeigt meinen mittleren sohn und er ist wirklich ein cleveres kerlchen! er ist von der ersten klasse in die zweite klasse gesprungen nach 4 monaten! aber auf der anderen seite ist er wild und verrückt… 😉






studio calico – heyday – upbeat, ILS {I lowe Scrap} – WHY NOT? – Stickers ‚I like this‘, ILS {I lowe Scrap} – WHY NOT? – Strip ‚Cute‘,
lilybee design – ABC Stickers, Pebbles Inc. – Seen & Noted Alpha, simple stories – SN@P – stickers typeset
Dear Lizzy – 5th & Frolic – simlicitiy circle
acryl, watercolor, staples… washi tape… stamps [my own] and my sewing machine 😉

thanks for the look


for the first time… that´s the title of my latest layout and i tell ya… i.love.that.one! seriously! i went a bit messy on the paper, used some watercolors and acryl & some bubblewrap stamps.



the journaling is about my first born… that time was so exciting!
he is turning 12 this year… time flies way to fast!

c´est cela la famille! that is family! yes! he was the start and now i am a mother of 3 boys! fun!
Dear Lizzy – 5th & Frolic – 6th & Maple, Echo Park – Photo Freedom – Todya´s Story/Amazing
Studio Calico – Wood Veneers, Lori Whitlock – For the Record2 Alpha
Pebbles Inc. – Seen & Noted Alpha, lilybee design – ABC Stickers
My Mind´s Eye – Collectable „Memo“
Acryl, Watercolor, Doilie, Rope, Staple & some silver stars

have a great night