i am LOST but there´s still HOPE! i don´t know where i am going, but i am going!
i am not in a good mood at the moment, i lost a very important part of my {internet} life and i am shocked and still sad! not a real person but a stunning community & store! i am a digital scrapbooking designer and the site i was selling at had a BIG crush and the back up didn´t work… so…everything is GONE! i mean, seriously… e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!! maybe you can feel my pain… maybe not! but i tell ya it´s a rough time right now! so with all this drama i had a scrap therapy today! i made it messy and photoless! art page… mixed media… i don´t know 😉

acryl, paint, ink, watercolors… wahsi tape, stamps and staples…

then i started thinking of the title placement… i had a idea during the arrow stamping…
so i used different alphas, sizes and colors…



i don´t know where i´m going… but i´m going!
‘I like this’, ILS {I lowe Scrap} – WHY NOT? – Strip ‘Cute’,
lilybee design – ABC Stickers, Pebbles Inc. – Seen & Noted Alpha, simple stories – SN@P – stickers typeset
cardstock from my stash, acryl, watercolor, ink, stamps, washi tape, staples and some paper stars/butterfly
thanks for the look


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