you had me at…

…Hello! yes, that is true! my hubby and i felt in love the first time we saw each other! nearly 7 yrs ago…
this time i wanted to have some arrow stamps on my page, but i did not have anyone… so i made some by myself!


and for the background i wanted to have some bubble wraps… for sure 😉 just some light white…

this time i had my middle one with me, and he had ALOT of fun creating his own stamps… he wanted to create a special page for me. so he looked for a photo and a paper… started with stamps and bubble wraps… and color!
and wow, he is very creative! i totally love that page he created! wanna see? sure you want 😉
isn´t it beautiful?? *sigh
so let me show you some photos from my page 😉
oh, i needed more stamps… cute!
preparing the paper with watercolors and acryl… oh and stamps 😉
just some more arrows… i love the ILS papers, so much!


that photo is 6 yrs old… but i love it!

the finished page…
and the credits:
wood veneers – sudio calico
lilybee design – ABC Stickers
cratepaper – alpha
ILS {ilowescrap} – why not? – strip *cute* & Summer Dreamer 05/06
stamps by me, cardstock from my stash
doilie, acryl, watercolors, ink and my sewing machine

thanks for the look… oh and maybe you want to join me on facebook? see right side 😉
have a great day

Ein Gedanke zu “you had me at…

  1. Wieder toll geworden und trotz all den neuen Medien und Chats bei FB, Whats App usw. usf. vermisse ich hello 🙂 – Hello war toll, gelle?
    Einen schönen Abend

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