this crazy family life…

hi there, i started this album with the idea to keep some amazing memories from 2013… but i changed my mind and started to work on some from last year. i used only black, white and red… and i love it! my kiddos in love to, they looked into the album everyday…
i had this cardboard album in my stash since 4 yrs i guess and i never used it…
the first page is for my best friend! she is one of the VIP´s in my life! i love her so much!
my hubby, the little one and me… in the forrest! love that photo!
i bet you all know what i am talking about, right?? i hate doing the christmas photos because we fail it every year! 😉
oh my, i laughed so hard when i looked trough all the photos we took! hilarious!

without words!!
that page was very touching for me because i had some terrible sickness in the last months of 2012 and i was in hospital for 2 weeks and no one had an idea what was wrong with me! i was in pain, in shock and i was so afraid! but finally they found out the reason and everything goes well, but i tell ya, i thought i would die from time to time!!!
from my little mr. brain! love the fact that he´s so clever and smart!!
haha, for sure my new iphone needed a page too!! what would life without it?!
my 3 sweethearts…. quite and relaxed! oh i wish that would be more often 😉
the crazy part!
my furry baby… i love him!
lennox and the bouncing ball! he had so much fun!
my love! my hubby!!
so i did not used alot of things… m
but nearly all of the washi tapes are from the scrapbook werkstatt
Studio Calico – Here & There – Printed Chipboard Alpha Thickers – Notebook White
Dear Lizzy – 5th & Frolic – Thickers – Glitter Foam – Futura Fox White
Pebbles Inc. – Seen & Noted – Alpha-Stickers Black
simple stories – SN@P – stickers typeset
lori whitlock – for the record 2 alpha
acryl, gesso, watercolor, stamps and others from my stash
thanks for looking…
i´ve so much more to show, but i gues it´s enough for today…
ooooh and i got some exciting news… but i can´t tell yet!!

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