so very loved

hi there, i have a new layout for you today… and some other things to share…
first of all, i was on the paper issues blog with a project life week… yes, me!!
i really love pocket pages but i can´t do the project life thing. it is SO hard for me to keep the things up to date, and i think that´s what PL should be… up to date! and i know i can´t to that and i don´t want to be months behind…
but i really loved th week and maybe i´ll start with tiny steps. just a month… so the pressure won´t be to big! kwim?!
never mind… please jump to the PI blog and have a look at my „PL for a week“ post

next a new layout i finished today… for the last scraplift sunday at the PI{F&F} group…
layout to lift was from Sherrie… look, so cute!

and this is my take on it…

suuuurprise!i change it a bit 😉
just a tiny bit…


so, that´s all for now…
i am tired and want to hug my bed in a bit!
i wish you all a great day/night!




Ein Gedanke zu “so very loved

  1. Saw your PL over at PI and it was awesome, even if you just do it every now and again that will be a fun addition to your albums. I absolutely adore the photo of you and Oscar, too cute my friend! xo

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