sketchy saturday

hello there… today is a new sketchy saturday at paper issues
this time it is a sketch based on a layout from sasha farina!! i am a HUGE fan of her and i wanted to lift her amazing style for a while!

so this layout isthe layout… just ahhhhhh-mahhhhh-ziiiiiing!!!
i am SO in love and i had so much fun lifting her!

and this is my version…


do you see these awesome flairs?!?! oh my… i love them! my talented friend Elisa aka lilgik made them!




i used one of my favorites collection… I AM from simple stories! i think i need to re-stock everything! but (insert sad face here) nearly everything is sold out… maybe i should email simple stories?! just kidding… 😀
so, now jump to the PI blog and check out all the layouts the gang create… they´re all stunning! what a team!

i hope you´re all doing good!my busy was way to busy and i am so happy to have a day off now… haha, it´s a sunday… anyway, no need to work!

have a great weekend
talk to you soon


2 Gedanken zu “sketchy saturday

  1. Ich bin auch ein großer Fan von Sasha! Ich bewundere immer die farbenfrohen, mit Geduld gestickten Layouts von ihr. Deine Umsetzung, so ganz ohne Foto, finde ich aber auch echt super!

    Liebe Grüße, Nina

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