i said to myself…

hi everyone, i have told you that i scrapped digital for a long time… the last years i loved to create minimalistic pages, with just one photo and layers… but i loved to have some paint, scribbles and splatters in the background. today i wanted to create a page similiar to them i made digital… ok on this version the splatters and paint went a bit bigger but i really LOVE how this turned out!
i had alot of fun and i used the „very popular“ packaging technique for this layout 😉


the highlight from this layout is (for me) the big & with all the colors around…



and i also made a video, just for you!

sooooo, that´s all for now!
i wish you all a great day/night…
talk to you soon

the labels i talked about in the video, you can find them here

me – hidden journaling #2

good morning everyone, i´ve a second layout and video for you… second because of the theme, hidden journaling.
i really like to add them to my layouts and i thought it would be fun to share some videos to show you my favorite ones!
todays layout is this one




and here the video…

i wish you all a great day
talk to you soon ❤


hi and happy sunday everyone! today is a new scraplift sunday round at the PI{F&F} group… this week layout is from Mandy i loved the original and had fun lifting her, like every week 🙂

this is her layout!

this is my version, i changed it and erm, i had some struggles with my idea… but, i think i like it…



come and join the fun… the group is awesome and so many talented ladies…
talk to you soon

oscar – hidden journaling#1

hi everyone, today i am here with a new layout and a video.
this layout is very clean and simple, but i wanted to add some journaling – a hidden one!
so i created a pocket behind the photo…
this is my layout (inspired by a layout i made a few weeks ago – my hero)


and here the video

i hope you´ll like it, let me know…ok?!
there are some more videos coming your way – hidden journaling

that is all for now, i wish you all a great day!

best friends

a boy and his dog…
hi and hello, today i want to share a memory from 2007…
we moved and our dog with us, but after that we had some big problems with her, she started to bark and growl everytime my kids came to her… after a few months of troubleshooting we needed to give her away. my heart was broken, she was a good girl…
the photo is showing my oldest one and frieda, they were best friends! bittersweet memories….





i used some lables and you know what?! i tried print & cut for the first time and i made it! it worked perfectly and i am happy!
i wish you all a great weekend, with sunshine and some crafty time!
hugs to ya!

random things…

hi everyone, today i want to share 2 layouts and a video with you…
first, the scraplift sunday layout… this week layout is from Tarrah and i love all the fun elements…

My Social Media Life

and this is what i made


i really love to make videos but the english thing is not so easy for me, it took me always 3 – 4 times to get the voice thing done 😉 hope you´ll understand me!

the next layout is from a sketch i found at studio calico



that´s all for today, i wish you all a great day!
it´s raining since 4 or 5 days and it is driving me crazy… i want the sun back!
talk to you soon!

july pinspire me

hello and welcome to a new pinspire me round…
this month moodboard was not so easy to work with… for me… i can´t purple and pink right now.
image credits: flamingo, pitcher, window, running girl, mosaic sun, beetle

so i picked all the greens and the yellows… with a touch of blue and a tiny bit of red…

this cutie is turning 14 this year so i guess these photos are 6 or 7 yrs old…
i love his smiling face!
he´s a lazy one, don´t like to lear or work for school… boo!

when you create something with this moodboard please share with us, use the #paperissuespinspirememonday so we all can find you!

so, hop over to the PI blog and see what the other ladies from the team created… so awesome!
i wish you all a fantastic start into the new week!
talk to you soon!

hsf juli!

hallo und guten morgen… willkommen zu einem neues hop der happy scrappy friends!
ihr kommt sicher gerade von Elly und habt ihr tolles werk bereits gesehen…
diesen monat gab es ein moodboard, welches ihr auf dem HSF blog findet… erstellt von Elly
auf meinem layout fehlt jegliches gelb und orange, diesmal hat es einfach nicht geklappt… manchmal gehen einigen farben nicht… aber gold hat es geschafft, ist ja quasi gelb, richtig 😉

hier mein layout…



so, nun hüpft ihr weiter zu Sandra und schaut euch ihr tolles werk an… ich hüpf gleich mal mit

hier noch die aktuelle hüpf-liste – ach und zu gewinnen gibt es natürlich auch wieder was! auf dem HSF blog findet ihr alle infos 😉

Jana – das bin ich!

so, nun wünsche ich euch noch einen schönen sonntag!
liebe grüße und bis zum nächsten mal