once upon a time… pocket book

hi and welcome to a brand new issues from paper issues! this time we´re talking about pocket books… pocket pages, hidden journaling, pockets, bags and envelopes of all kinds…
i came up with a new (for me) idea for a mini album… i grabbed a 6×6 paper pad and started…

here is what i made, and let me tell you, i LOVE how this turned out!



i used some papers before i made this mini and i needed to rip out some papers too… but i used them in the mini!
the idea of this album came while i was sorting old pictures… i found birth cards from the boys and the little bracelet with the name on it…



the first page is about me… in the pocket behind the photo is a little cork calender and a photo from me and my mother…


and i added a page with a current photo and a little „list“ – but we need to fill them out. i thought we could write about us right now, what we´re doing, what we´re loving… a little „all about me“


next one… my husband…


pocket filled with a calender and a photo… like i did on all pages



now to the kids…


this bracelet is so tiny… unbeliveable he had this around his wrist…


they did this cute tiny foot prints right after the birth… love this little detail!




that photo is a bit creepy, right?! the middle one had a bad birth (even it was a caesarean operation), they needed to catch him with a big pliers and he got some blue marks in his face, arm and back… poor boy!




this one made me sad… everytime i see it! but we made it! he is turning 6 this year, everything is fine!


the sponsor from this issue is PaperIssues, so you can win a 20$ gift card to the store…
want to stay in contact with PI?! want to follow us?! here are some important links 😉
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i really hope you like my project… there are some free pages left in the paper pad, so i will add more from time to time… maybe just some random facts about our family, or our house…
thanks for stopping by!
i wish you all a great day!


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