hi and happy sunday

hello lovelies, it´s sunday again and i thought i could share some layouts with you…
i made some process videos too but i need to get the voiceover things done, maybe tomorrow 😉

the first one is about the little one, having fun in the sand…

the story behind the photo… he was playing in the sand with his little shovel and after a while he decided to get the sand on his head, yup! he did it a few times and he laughed so hard, it was hilarious 😉 he needed a long shower after that… but it was worth the fun!


and i am so excited about the flairs i used, i made them… feed your craft and i teamed up to get three awesome sets for you…
set 1set 2set 3


you can find the process video here > KLICK <

next one, a layout about my favorite place… the little village i am living in. i really love this place here, it´s quite and beautiful. i made this photo in the morning and the sun came out…



and the last one for today, a layout about 2 from my 3 boys, oh boys, you´re BORING! XO mom 😉
i made this layout with november scraptastic club kits… „ain´t no sunshine“



sooooo, that´s it for today…
i wish you all a great sunday!
only 4 days until christmas, i am still not in the mood for it, we got a nightmare letter yesterday… a real real nightmare! never mind 😉
talk to you soo


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