Junque Journal | Vicki Boutin

Hi and hello, Jana here with a new Project for the Vicki Boutin Mixed Media Makers.
Have you ever used a Junque Journal?! Vicki has one Album in her Collection which is great to start your first ever Junque Journal, like me! I have never made/used one and I have not decided yet which theme I want to focus on in mine. Maybe this will be a random Journal album, some practice sheets for mixed media techniques, brush lettering or some VIP photos and notes.
Included in the package is one journal that features a D-ring and has 12 mixed media pages and 4 tabbed dividers.


But let´s start with my Cover first… I used some white Gesso first, stamped with a bubble wrap to get a nice and messy look. Really love how that turned out.


I grabbed three color pop acrylic paints (Set 2 and 3) and added a thin layer over the gesso and bubble wrap stamps. You can still see the gesso and the stamped “images”. A few Flowers (Stamp & Dies “All the Good Things” Set 2) and a bird was used for decoration. I also added a little Label and the word “note” from the “All the Good Things Frames” pack – everything I’ve added to the Cover  was glued and sealed with the Matte Acrylic Gel. I really love to use the Gel as an adhesive.


I also prepared my first Page with the Matte Acrylic Gel (Watercolor Paper Refill) because I wanted to add a lot of color and water. The color will not soak right into the paper and gives me time to complete or play around with more color/water.
I picked five different colors from the Art Crayons (#2 cool) and scribbled them on a piece of plastic (Thickers packaging) and added a lot of water…


The next step is so easy, just flip the plastic (be careful when you have a lot of water on it) and press it on the paper. I really love how that works and that you can see the color “kissing” the paper. You can also change the image or help the paint by moving the plastic or with more pressure.


Once everything was dry I sewed the pages together, now I have a pocket to fill.


I added some more Art Crayons with a big round Brush and a Stencil. This is a great technique for little details or just another layer of color. First you need to scribble some of the Art Crayon on a piece of plastic (this is included in the Brush Pack), then you pick up the paint from the Art Crayon with the Brush


Place your stencil on the paper and now you will use the brush with circular movements and light pressure… the image will be smooth and light if you want to. But you can add as much color as needed or wanted. When you use the Brush with a touch of water the image will change a lot.


The last touches are some stamps and two butterflies from the Rub-Ons.



The divider was made with Gesso through a stencil, more kissing technique with the Art Crayons and a touch of Gold. I added some water to the Gold Glaze used for splattering and also painted some lines from the Stencil Image.



I really had fun getting this Album started, I can´t wait to get some more pages done.
Check out my process Video here on YouTube https://youtu.be/-5KYUh8rKw4


Supply List:

Junque Journal
Watercolor Paper Refills
Matte Acrylic Gel
Creative FX Glaze Gold
color pop acrylic paints (Set 2 and 3)
Stamp & Dies “All the Good Things” Set 2
Picked for You (12” x 12” Paper)
Art Crayons (#2 cool)
Phrase/Glitter Foam Thickers
Ephemera Cardstock Die-Cuts – Icons
Ephemera Cardstock Die-Cuts – Frames
Big Brush Set
Stamp and Dies (New Set – Circle Stamps)

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