Junque Journal Vol.2 | Vicki Boutin

Hi and hello, welcome back, Jana here with some new pages for my Junque Journal. I was very sick (was fighting the flu/cold for the second time this year) and I need to come back to my normal crafting routine. I am still exhausted and tired from being sick and so I picked a quick and easy project this time – some pages in my Junque Journal, some colors, some papers and just some fun!

I picked some things I wanted to use, found that giant letter stencil in my stash and I am so happy about it! Really love to use it. Some leftover stars from one of my previous projects and for sure some of Vicki´s Mixed Media Products…


I started with one sheet of the Watercolor Refills for my first and the new Watercolors. I added a lot of water to the paper, because I wanted to give the watercolors a lot of room to flow. I really love how easy that is, just added more color or water as needed. Just beautiful and I love to watch it…


I also added some Art Crayons to the Watercolors and once everything was dry I grabbed some white Gesso and a Stencil for another Layer and texture. I really love how the white looks on the blue! The photo shows me, after a long busy and totally crazy first day at the creative world, and I was so tired I couldn´t move at all… so, because of the sleeping selfie I decided to add some stars to the mix. And I don´t even care about wet gesso, I just pressed the stars into it and added some staples to get them in place! It´s a mess, but a beautiful mess, right?!


Chipboard Thicker were used for the title and stitched down onto the photo. I grabbed a white and a black pen for my final touches – some journaling in a unreadable way and some scribbled lines. Really love how this is looking



The second page is a filler page, without any photos or text, just some awesome techniques and colors. I used the leftover watercolors here and colored the whole page in blue.


The next step and next layer, Art Crayons through the letter stencil. I used the Big Brush for that. I really love to add the Art Crayons dry to a page. I started with a light blue and ended in a grey/black – a little color gradient effect – turns out great!



I added some water to the leftover Art Crayons on the plastic and kissed the paper with it. So I am having a messy dirty edge now and I don´t wanted to waste any color. I also grabbed the new Circle Stamp and Dies Set and added some images in black. A black Start outline and some white Gesso splatters and I am done. Oh no, wait… I also added some scribbled details to some of the letters. I really love how this turned out.


I glued the pages together and added them to my Junque Journal. I really like how they turned out and I am really happy that I started this Journal.

I also have a process video for you to watch – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpBP1QZEKeI

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Supply List:

Junque Journal
Watercolor Paper Refills
Art Crayons (#2 cool)
Stencil Brush Set
Dies and Acrylic Stamps Set 1 (Circles)
Stencils Two
Perfect Gesso
Chipboard Alpha
12×12 Paper Pad

Beautiful Day

hello, happy weekend everyone. I have a new layout for you
i´ve made this just for fun, to work on ym stash — oh, who am i kidding?! my stash is SO big, there is not a chance to use it up 😉

This layout is one of my favorites i´ve done in a while, it´s just a free flow mind play with the stuff page… kwim?!


looooooook, isn´t it totally pretty?! i am SO in love…



i also have a little process video for you to watch… CLICK HERE

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All the good things | Vicki Boutin

Hi everyone, Jana back again with you. I have a fun new Project to share. I´ve this really cool photo from my little one, playing outside with some shaving cream on a big piece of wood. It was a BIG mess, but look at that adorable face; he had the best of time!

I had some different Ideas for this Layout (first thought was to color that paper and to cut a big heart, you will see me sketching out a heart in the video, but I skipped that idea after the big brayer mistake) but I knew that I wanted to add a lot of colors and so I grabbed a sheet of the Foundation Paper and started with some white Gesso. Yeah, and I used the brayer buuuuut I did not cleaned it properly and so the white turned into blue and yup… got it?

But the mistake gave me a new way for this page and I just added more color and had some fun with the brayer. Some different Color Pop Acrylic Paints and for sure some Art Crayons, i used the same stencil like last week, and I am still loving the circles. So I decided to add some more, grabbed the new Circle Stamps and some Gold Glaze for another texture and a touch of gold. I really like to stamp with the Glaze. I used a piece of plastic and a palette knife to get a nice thin layer of the Glaze so that I can use it for stamping (you´ll see it in the Video)



I already had my title in mind and so I focused on some papers for layering and some elements. But because of the bright colors in the background I only used the same colors (blues and greens) and black/white.  I found some matching papers in the 12×12 paper pad and some black/white stickers in the Cardstock Stickers.


I placed one label on top of the photo, just because I really liked how that looks. The flowers were placed next to the photo and between the paper layers. I typed my journaling on a little piece of white cardstock. Some glitter foam hearts here and there and my layout is complete.


Haha, oh my… look at that happy face! It was hilarious watching him clap and splash with the shaving cream and he laughed out loud when some of the cream landed in his face!



Thank you so much for stopping by today and I really hope you like this page

here is my Video for you to watch CLICK HERE


Supply List:

Foundation Media Paper
All the Good Things 12×12 Paper Pad
Thicker – Foam – Phrases
Watercolor Cardstock Stickers
Art Crayons #2 cool
Ephemera  Cardstock Die-Cuts
Acrylic Color Pop – Set 3
Stencil Brush Set
New Circle Stamps
Gold Glaze

Life is Good | Vicki Boutin

Hi and Hello, Jana here with you today. I have a fun new Layout to share. I really love to play with my Art Crayons, wet or dry, they are just FUN!

I started with the White Foundation Paper but resized it to 9×12. I knew that I wanted to use the Art Crayons dry with the Brushes, so I didn´t use any Gesso on the Paper. The patterned Paper “Soul Food” was used for my inspiration piece and one strip on the white Background Paper.


My Idea was to create a Background that looks like it was made from the patterned Paper. I made my own Stencil (ok, the Cameo did the Job) inspired by one of Vicki´s Stencil – sadly not available anymore – grabbed my Art Crayons and the Brushes. I started to mix the Art Crayons to get the same colors like the paper strip from the patterned Paper.


You can see on the picture that I used white Gesso for the dots on the patterned Paper, I really love how the Gesso looks (especially) on that Paper. The Stencil was made out of white Cardstock, so I am not able to use that Stencil over and over again, but I only used the Art Crayons and some Gesso today. The Stencil looks good, so I can use it on some other projects. I have a thing for circles lately, one of my favorite shapes!


I´ve picked DieCuts and Elements in the same colors like I used for the dots and the colors you can find in the patterned Paper. Layered them all very close around the Photo, added some black tangled thread and some black Foam Word Thickers. Everything was so colorful that I needed a touch of black. The Photo shows my little one in the age of 8-10 months and I love it! He was sitting next to me and was just adorable!


I used the same Art Crayons for a lot of splatters on the Background. I love how easy that is working and how easy you can mix the colors together. It is important to clean the Brush between the colors, otherwise you´ll get a nice brown… haha!


The Layout was also inspired by a Layout i´ve seen a few weeks ago, and I did not realized that I did a scraplift from that Layout. Sometimes it just happens, right?! The Layout is from Michelle Wedertz.



I have a process Video for you to watch, hope you´ll like it! https://youtu.be/n0xJH6dQLdc
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Supply List
Foundation Media Paper
Thicker – Foam – Phrases
Art Crayons #1 warm and #2 cool
Ephemera  Cardstock Die-Cuts – Icons
Ephemera Cardstock Die-Cuts – Frames
Big Brush Set
Watercolor Brushes

All the Love | Double Page | Vicki Boutin

Hi and Hello, Jana back again with a new Project for you. Vicki asked for a Double Page, or she mentioned that she would love to see one… here I am! With a 9×12 Double Page and let me tell you this is the second one I´ve ever created.  So this is not my usual size and it was a bit tricky, but I made it and I really love it!

I started with my favorite Paper, the Foundation Paper, and colors. I got the new Watercolors and I could not wait to use them for the first time. The colors are so rich and vibrant and you only need a tiny bit of the colors and some water. So much fun!


I used a brayer for the first time too. Such a fun tool… I painted some watercolors on my gessoed Paper and went over it with the brayer, the effect is just awesome. I added colors on both papers – I also have taken care that I have color in the middle of both papers (the side where they meet) so that everyone will know that they belong to one project. Hope you know what I mean


I mixed some blue and green together, more than one layer. Grabbed a stencil and the big Art Crayon Brush (and for sure some Art Crayons) played with them… used them dry and with a touch of water. The Image is changing so much when you add some water….  And some gold Glaze on top of it. I used one of the Stencils for the Gold and I am always so happy about the results. It is so easy but so beautiful


Once the Background was dry I started to build up my Element cluster and for that I used the Ephemera Icons and the Frames pack. Just grabbed some pieces and layered them behind my Photos. I also added some doilies from my stash. Stapled them together, used different adhesives and just had fun.


Here is my finished Layout…


I was not thinking too much about it… it´s all about the layering! I love to use a lot of things behind my photos just for more dimensions.  the butterflies have been added to lighten the color areas slightly…


This little tired Baby on the photos is my little one, just a few days old! I so love the photos!!



The journaling is about the fact that we needed to wait for him for quite a while and that we enjoyed the first week so much. We ignored a lot just to watch and kiss him… I miss this time!

Thanks you for stopping by and I really hope you like my page… and if you want to watch my process – please click here for my process video
have you ever created a Double Page?


Supply List:
Foundation Media Paper
All the Good Things 12×12 Paper Pad
Thicker – Foam – Phrases
Watercolor Cardstock Stickers
Art Crayons #2 cool
Ephemera  Cardstock Die-Cuts – Icons
Ephemera Cardstock Die-Cuts – Frames
Big Brush Set





3B crew | YouTube Series

Helloooo, i have a new layout for you…
Christine Meyer is having a new YouTube Series, running for a week, and she asked me if i wanted to join… the Series is about scrapping boys, so as a mom of three crazy boys i said yes… because i love to team up with scrappy friends 🙂

so, the picture is from me and my boys, mothers day – last year, and it is one of my favorites!! i LOVE it!


i really had fun with this page and i would love to send you to my video and for sure to Christine´s too…. hope you´ll enjoy watching!



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my happy | vicki boutin

hi and hello everyone, Jana back again with a different project for you.
this one is completely clean without any mixed media, but you´ll see that there was no room for that!
I started with some cut files from the Silhouette Store (Design ID #237217, #249919, #242203, #241018, #241018, #239848 and #244543) and some awesome bright colored patterned paper from Vicki Boutin´s „All the Good THings“ Collection.
It took some time to cut all the flowers and to roll them up, i used the Hot Glue Gun for a quick and easy way to glue the finished rolled Flowers together.
This is how it was looking on my white Desk… i love that photo


But, i wanted to create a project and not a nice flower bouquet on my Desk… I already had some great Ideas but somehow the implementation was really difficult! I have never used such big and dimensional elements on a layout/project.

I grabbed a round canvas and layed the flowers down and really was happy about how it looks. But when i started working on the canvas with colors, i totally missed the target and it did not fit together anymore. Do you know that situation when you just do it and you´re going with the flow/Colors?!


I will show you the finished canvas in the next post here… i LOVE it!
it needed four (4!!!!) start-ups for this Layout… i don´t know what happened but yeah, sometimes it is very hard to get something done, right?!
I grabbed a sheet from the 12×12 foundation paper and a black paper (with white script – „Pretty Words“) from the Paper Pad and started again… and this time it just worked or let me say, i just glued the flowers down! I did not tried to overthink the process…


i LOVE how it turned out, it is not my usual Style and not my „go to“ colors but it reminds me of a meadow with many different flowers… and it reminds me of spring!
Because of all the bright colors i decided to add some b/w elements between them, just for some areas where your eyes can rest or… i don´t know. I grabbed the Butterflies from the watercolor cardstock stickers and scattered them around the page. Really like how that looks





and here is my little process Video for this Project…

thank you so much for stopping by today

Supply List
Foundation Media Paper
All the Good Things 12×12 Paper Pad
Thicker – Foam – Phrases
Watercolor Cardstock Stickers