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hi and hello everyone, Jana back again with a different project for you.
this one is completely clean without any mixed media, but you´ll see that there was no room for that!
I started with some cut files from the Silhouette Store (Design ID #237217, #249919, #242203, #241018, #241018, #239848 and #244543) and some awesome bright colored patterned paper from Vicki Boutin´s „All the Good THings“ Collection.
It took some time to cut all the flowers and to roll them up, i used the Hot Glue Gun for a quick and easy way to glue the finished rolled Flowers together.
This is how it was looking on my white Desk… i love that photo


But, i wanted to create a project and not a nice flower bouquet on my Desk… I already had some great Ideas but somehow the implementation was really difficult! I have never used such big and dimensional elements on a layout/project.

I grabbed a round canvas and layed the flowers down and really was happy about how it looks. But when i started working on the canvas with colors, i totally missed the target and it did not fit together anymore. Do you know that situation when you just do it and you´re going with the flow/Colors?!


I will show you the finished canvas in the next post here… i LOVE it!
it needed four (4!!!!) start-ups for this Layout… i don´t know what happened but yeah, sometimes it is very hard to get something done, right?!
I grabbed a sheet from the 12×12 foundation paper and a black paper (with white script – „Pretty Words“) from the Paper Pad and started again… and this time it just worked or let me say, i just glued the flowers down! I did not tried to overthink the process…


i LOVE how it turned out, it is not my usual Style and not my „go to“ colors but it reminds me of a meadow with many different flowers… and it reminds me of spring!
Because of all the bright colors i decided to add some b/w elements between them, just for some areas where your eyes can rest or… i don´t know. I grabbed the Butterflies from the watercolor cardstock stickers and scattered them around the page. Really like how that looks





and here is my little process Video for this Project…

thank you so much for stopping by today

Supply List
Foundation Media Paper
All the Good Things 12×12 Paper Pad
Thicker – Foam – Phrases
Watercolor Cardstock Stickers


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