Junque Journal Vol.2 | Vicki Boutin

Hi and hello, welcome back, Jana here with some new pages for my Junque Journal. I was very sick (was fighting the flu/cold for the second time this year) and I need to come back to my normal crafting routine. I am still exhausted and tired from being sick and so I picked a quick and easy project this time – some pages in my Junque Journal, some colors, some papers and just some fun!

I picked some things I wanted to use, found that giant letter stencil in my stash and I am so happy about it! Really love to use it. Some leftover stars from one of my previous projects and for sure some of Vicki´s Mixed Media Products…


I started with one sheet of the Watercolor Refills for my first and the new Watercolors. I added a lot of water to the paper, because I wanted to give the watercolors a lot of room to flow. I really love how easy that is, just added more color or water as needed. Just beautiful and I love to watch it…


I also added some Art Crayons to the Watercolors and once everything was dry I grabbed some white Gesso and a Stencil for another Layer and texture. I really love how the white looks on the blue! The photo shows me, after a long busy and totally crazy first day at the creative world, and I was so tired I couldn´t move at all… so, because of the sleeping selfie I decided to add some stars to the mix. And I don´t even care about wet gesso, I just pressed the stars into it and added some staples to get them in place! It´s a mess, but a beautiful mess, right?!


Chipboard Thicker were used for the title and stitched down onto the photo. I grabbed a white and a black pen for my final touches – some journaling in a unreadable way and some scribbled lines. Really love how this is looking



The second page is a filler page, without any photos or text, just some awesome techniques and colors. I used the leftover watercolors here and colored the whole page in blue.


The next step and next layer, Art Crayons through the letter stencil. I used the Big Brush for that. I really love to add the Art Crayons dry to a page. I started with a light blue and ended in a grey/black – a little color gradient effect – turns out great!



I added some water to the leftover Art Crayons on the plastic and kissed the paper with it. So I am having a messy dirty edge now and I don´t wanted to waste any color. I also grabbed the new Circle Stamp and Dies Set and added some images in black. A black Start outline and some white Gesso splatters and I am done. Oh no, wait… I also added some scribbled details to some of the letters. I really love how this turned out.


I glued the pages together and added them to my Junque Journal. I really like how they turned out and I am really happy that I started this Journal.

I also have a process video for you to watch – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpBP1QZEKeI

Thanks for stopping by


Supply List:

Junque Journal
Watercolor Paper Refills
Art Crayons (#2 cool)
Stencil Brush Set
Dies and Acrylic Stamps Set 1 (Circles)
Stencils Two
Perfect Gesso
Chipboard Alpha
12×12 Paper Pad


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