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Hi there, Jana here with a new Layout and let me tell you one thing about it… I LOVE it!
I really love to mix Vicki´s Watercolors and the Acrylic Paints. I love how they looked mixed together and how easy it is to get a 12×12 sheet filled with a masterpiece 😉 I made the Background and was kinda proud of myself… ha-ha, no I am just kidding.
But let´s talk about my project for this week.


I started with a 12×12 sheet of the Foundation Paper, grabbed three Acrylic Color Pop Colors, some Watercolors and started to have a looooot of fun! Seriously! I stopped thinking and added layer and layer of color, rolled the brush over the acrylic colors, added splatters and just went crazy here! I am totally happy when I can sit and create some awesome color heavy backgrounds. Have you seen my last layout with the circles? I started similar to this project, it´s so relaxing and satisfying – watch the colors running over the paper. Layer for layer of colors, mixing new shades and… oh so pretty!


From purple to light pink… in different shades. Look at it! I also “stamped” with a bubble wrap in the wet Acrylic Color and flipped it so that I stamped with purple in the other pink tones.


I wanted to create a page with lots and lots of hearts. Oh Yes! I used four different sized punches and started to bring the 12×12 sheet into hearts. I don´t wanted to mix the colors; I wanted to have them like I painted the paper. Look how pretty that looks!


Another sheet of the Foundation Paper was used for my background. I added four big black lines with a big brush and some black splatters. I wanted to create a big contrast to the other colors, that’s why I decided to go with black. I love how that worked. The hearts are really popping off the page. Right?!


I used my sewing machine with black thread to attach the bigger hearts to the Paper; Black thread for more contrast.  I used 3D squares for some of the smaller ones. Just for different dimensions.


The photo is showing me and my hubby, the newest photo from us, and because of the rare factor of a good picture I already scrapped that photo.  But next to the photo I only added three other things; one black foam word, a bird and the label next to the photo. That´s all!



Here is a little Process Video for you to watch

Thanks for stopping by


Supply List:
Foundation Paper
Acrylic Color Pops (Set 2 & 3)
Watercolor Set
Ephemera  Cardstock Die-Cuts – Icons
Ephemera Cardstock Die-Cuts – Frames






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