Together | Dimensional Wreath | Vicki Boutin

Hi and hello, welcome back, Jana here with a fun new layout to share. I love to create dimensional things on my Layouts and so I had a look into the Silhouette Store and grabbed a CutFile from a Wreath I really liked. Looked for some patterned Papers and let my Cameo cut aaaaallllll the leaves, and believe me, there was a lot of!

I limited myself to a few with the colors. I wanted to have it almost monochrome…
the Watercolors for the Background, the Wreath and the finishing Elements; all in green and blue tones.

This is what all of leaves looked before I started to create that layout.

I used my favorite Mixed Media Paper for my background, the Foundation paper! I added a LOT of water to it and “kissed” it with color on a piece of plastic.
I love how the paper is handling all the water without getting curled up or any kind of damage.

Look at this; it reminds me of a sky full of clouds or the ocean. I used my heat tool for drying but also grabbed a paper towel to soak up some of the extra colors in the corners.

Once everything was dry and ready to go I started with building the wreath on the background. This took me a while but totally worth the time. I glued the pieces together so that I was able to move it around as one big piece, without having to worry about it falling apart again.

The picture (I changed it a few times during the process) shows my hubby and my little one. I love this photo. But you can also see some of the stamped circles behind the wreath. Have not mentioned it yet, right?! I stamped with the Circle Stamp Set and the Watercolors some circles behind the wreath. I really love how that worked and looks!

On this point I was sure that my page was done! I´ve added Watercolor Stickers, fussy cut some of the Butterflies out (12×12 Paper – Social Butterfly), grabbed some Glitter Foam Hearts and the Word “my” , two pieces from the “All the good Things” Frame pack. Oh and I´ve added a lot splatters too.
But nope, I changed my mind – way too much this time – and added more details and more DIY Elements.

But now I am done and happy with it! Love the pinwheels… I added some of the Enamel Dots from Finishing Embellishments to the middle of each of them and look how pretty they are…

I also have a little Process Video for you to watch –

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon

Supply List:
Foundation Paper
Ephemera Cardstock Die-Cuts – Frames
Watercolor Cardstock Stickers
Dies and Acrylic Stamps Set 1 (Circles)
Self-Adhesive Finishing Embellishments
All the Good Things 12×12 Paper Pad
Thicker – Foam – Phrases


all kinds of awesome | vicki boutin

Hi there, Jana here with a new Layout and let me tell you one thing about it… I LOVE it!
I really love to mix Vicki´s Watercolors and the Acrylic Paints. I love how they looked mixed together and how easy it is to get a 12×12 sheet filled with a masterpiece 😉 I made the Background and was kinda proud of myself… ha-ha, no I am just kidding.
But let´s talk about my project for this week.


I started with a 12×12 sheet of the Foundation Paper, grabbed three Acrylic Color Pop Colors, some Watercolors and started to have a looooot of fun! Seriously! I stopped thinking and added layer and layer of color, rolled the brush over the acrylic colors, added splatters and just went crazy here! I am totally happy when I can sit and create some awesome color heavy backgrounds. Have you seen my last layout with the circles? I started similar to this project, it´s so relaxing and satisfying – watch the colors running over the paper. Layer for layer of colors, mixing new shades and… oh so pretty!


From purple to light pink… in different shades. Look at it! I also “stamped” with a bubble wrap in the wet Acrylic Color and flipped it so that I stamped with purple in the other pink tones.


I wanted to create a page with lots and lots of hearts. Oh Yes! I used four different sized punches and started to bring the 12×12 sheet into hearts. I don´t wanted to mix the colors; I wanted to have them like I painted the paper. Look how pretty that looks!


Another sheet of the Foundation Paper was used for my background. I added four big black lines with a big brush and some black splatters. I wanted to create a big contrast to the other colors, that’s why I decided to go with black. I love how that worked. The hearts are really popping off the page. Right?!


I used my sewing machine with black thread to attach the bigger hearts to the Paper; Black thread for more contrast.  I used 3D squares for some of the smaller ones. Just for different dimensions.


The photo is showing me and my hubby, the newest photo from us, and because of the rare factor of a good picture I already scrapped that photo.  But next to the photo I only added three other things; one black foam word, a bird and the label next to the photo. That´s all!



Here is a little Process Video for you to watch

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Supply List:
Foundation Paper
Acrylic Color Pops (Set 2 & 3)
Watercolor Set
Ephemera  Cardstock Die-Cuts – Icons
Ephemera Cardstock Die-Cuts – Frames





Spring – Vicki Boutin

Hi and hello, Jana back again with a Layout for Vicki Boutin´s Mixed Media Makers!
I had some very (!!!!!!) busy weeks and so i totally forgot to post on my blog… if you want to see my latest VB Layouts please feel free to jump to Vicki´s Blog or my YouTube Channel to watch the latest projects… Thanks!

but let´s talk about todays project… i am in LOVE with it!
I started my background on the White Foundation Paper and Acrylic Color Pops (Set 1, 2 and 3). I wanted to create a spring layout and i wanted to create some circle „flowers“

I added the Acrylic Colors to the background paper and used a big brush for it. i added just a tiny bit to water on the brush, so that it was easier to spread the color around. I let them mix together and i love the colors so much together.


I used two Art Crayons for matching splatters, mixed them together until i was happy with the colors. Oh and before i´ve done the splatters i grabbed my palette knife and added some white Gesso to the Acrylic colors. I don´t wanted to cut into this paper i just wanted to frame it and hang it on the wall 😉 i am deeply in love with it…



but, i was very brave and i cut it… i used the Circle Dies from the Stamp and Die set and some scallop circle punches from my stash


I have five different sizes now but before i stitched them together i decided to add another layer of color to some of them. I grabbed some Bubble wrap for stamping and the Color Stamp Pads (1 & 2) and had fun!



I also made some circles out of Vellum and Tissue Paper… layered at least four of them together and added a lot of stitches with my sewing machine. I folded them up for more dimension and i also let the long thread ends on the circles. I really love the messy look of it.


I wrote the word „spring“ with one of my brushlettering pens… used it as a stencil for this stitched title. I love how this looks – this kind of extra embellishments needs a lot of extra time but it is worth the work and time!

Here is my finsihed Layout! Because of the busy layered „flowers“ i decided to go with a small and kinda empty photo… i also colored the butterflies like the Circles. I used grey textured cardstock for my background and for more texture i added a thin layer of white acrylic color to it. lots and lots of splatters and yes, i am done! and in love!




I also have a Process Video for you to watch- THIS WAY

Thanks for stopping by today

Supply List
Foundation Paper
Acrylic Color Pops (Set 1,2 & 3)
Cardstock Stickers – words
Watercolor Cardstock Stickers
Art Crayons #2 cool
Perfect Gesso
Dies and Acrylic Stamps Set 1 (Circles)
Color Stamp Pads (1 & 2)

happy 38

hello, happy friday (it´s the 13th – anyone scared or afraid?!)
i just wanted to share this fun layout i´ve made a few weeks ago. i turned 38 (yes, it´s true) and i am totall fine with that!
this layout was totally inspired by all of the mixed media and layered butterfly pages i´ve seen in the last weeks… Paige Evans and Missy Whidden… just to name two of them!


i used a cutfile from Paige Evans – Design ID #252982 – i just added more of them and made some of them a bit bigger… colored them with Vicki Boutins Watercolors and i also used some of Paige Evans patterned papers…


also tried my WRMK HappyJig tool for the first time, really like it!



there is a process video on my youtube channel, if you want to watch it –

thanks for stopping by and happy weekend to all of you


Hello Sunshine – featuring Just Nick Cut Files | Vicki Boutin

Hi and hello, Jana here with you again. I have a fun new Layout for you today. Have you ever tried to catch a rainbow on a photo? I´ve tried it and I would say I always failed… it´s never that beautiful like on the sky… So, today I wanted to bring a rainbow on my Paper and for that I grabbed a CutFile from the JustNick Store and the Vicki Boutin Watercolors – one of my new favorites!


Look at this rainbow on my desk, I love the colors!
I picked a scalloped background CutFile ( from the JustNick Store and colored it like a rainbow… started with red and ended with dark blue. I wanted to layer the scallops more, wanted to add some machine stitching too and so I decided to cut them all apart and I really like how it looks


I wanted to have a rainbow on my paper so I grabbed the same colors and started to paint them on the white Foundation Paper. I also used some plastic to get some messy mixed colors. Some splatters and the background were done. BIG love!


Once everything was dry I started to arrange my scallop rainbow onto the rainbow on the background paper. But I did not placed color on color… I love how that looks! When I was satisfied with it I went to my sewing machine and stitched everything down. Because of the stitching I was able to curl up the scallops just a bit – for more dimensions!


I wanted to stay in the color scheme and so I started to look into the Vicki Boutin “All the Good Things” DieCuts and Frames Pack – but I only found a few things that hat the same colors and was matching the theme/feel of the Layout. So I needed to look deeper in the Collection and found the awesome butterfly patterned paper with aaaaallllll of the colors. I fussy cut a few of them out and arranged them with the other Elements on the stitched and layered scallop rainbow.


This page makes me really happy and came together pretty quick! Once I picked the CutFile and the colors for my rainbow… this took some time! But, look at the finished Layout; it reminds me of summer and fun! Can´t wait for it



I also have a process video for you to watch –

A BIG thank you goes to Nicole from JustNick for offering us some free CutFiles to play with them, I really love them and can´t wait to use some more on my next projects!


Supply List:

Foundation Media Paper
All the Good Things 12×12 Paper Pad
Ephemera  Cardstock Die-Cuts – Icons
Ephemera Cardstock Die-Cuts – Frames
Self-Adhesive Finishing Embellishments
Cardstock Stickers – words

finally | vicki boutin

Hi and hello everyone, Jana here with you today. Sharing a new fun Layout for Vicki’s Mixed Media Makers! I used different techniques on this Project. Painting, kissing, splattering with self-made mist (acrylic color with water), used the Stencil Brush and the Art Crayons and stamping with cardboard – so much fun!

I started, as always, with a sheet of the 12×12 Foundation Paper. I had the plan to add a lot of water and Watercolors to it, and I know that this paper will handle all that without curling up or something like that. I sprayed water on the paper and added color to it, added water and color to a little plastic plate and let all of the color run/splatter onto the paper. I really love how this looks and the mixed blue is just awesome.


I had some great cardboard in my stash; it looks like a riffled one. I wanted to add another layer of color and texture. So I grabbed some Color Pop Acrylic Paint Set 2, a brayer (to get a thin layer of the color on a piece of plastic) and the piece of cardboard which I used as a stamp here. This looks so fun and worked perfectly. I also added some of my self-made mist.


I wanted more layers and so I decided to use the Art Crayons #2 Cool, a Stencil and the Stencil Brushes. This is one of my favorite techniques. You can´t go wrong or mess this up. Just scribble down some of the Art Crayon on a piece of plastic, grab the pigment/color with the brush and rub it through the stencil. Works best with small circular movements. The leftover Crayons were mixed with water and kissed on the paper too.


This is how my finished background looks and let me tell you, I really have a thing for blues and greens right now. I started with a 12×12 sheet but during the process of making this page I re-sized it to 9×12 – it is my favorite size!


I´ve scrapped a picture from my oldest son. We went to the orthodontist last week and they removed his upper braces. He was so happy about it and he has so beautiful teeth now and look at his smile. Because of the bright and busy background I only used a handful of elements. Most of them in black and white, mixed with some black tangled thread – love it!


I grabbed one of the Markers to add some journaling and I used some of the stamped lines for it. You can write over all of the paints with the Markers, so cool!


Because of all the colors and layers on the paper, the Cardstock Alpha Stickers didn´t want to hold, so I stitched them down with my sewing machine.


I also have a little process video for you to watch.


Supply List:
Foundation Media Paper
Watercolor Cardstock Stickers
Art Crayons #2 cool
Ephemera  Cardstock Die-Cuts
Color Pop Acrylic Paint Set 2
Stencil Brush Set

Junque Journal Vol.2 | Vicki Boutin

Hi and hello, welcome back, Jana here with some new pages for my Junque Journal. I was very sick (was fighting the flu/cold for the second time this year) and I need to come back to my normal crafting routine. I am still exhausted and tired from being sick and so I picked a quick and easy project this time – some pages in my Junque Journal, some colors, some papers and just some fun!

I picked some things I wanted to use, found that giant letter stencil in my stash and I am so happy about it! Really love to use it. Some leftover stars from one of my previous projects and for sure some of Vicki´s Mixed Media Products…


I started with one sheet of the Watercolor Refills for my first and the new Watercolors. I added a lot of water to the paper, because I wanted to give the watercolors a lot of room to flow. I really love how easy that is, just added more color or water as needed. Just beautiful and I love to watch it…


I also added some Art Crayons to the Watercolors and once everything was dry I grabbed some white Gesso and a Stencil for another Layer and texture. I really love how the white looks on the blue! The photo shows me, after a long busy and totally crazy first day at the creative world, and I was so tired I couldn´t move at all… so, because of the sleeping selfie I decided to add some stars to the mix. And I don´t even care about wet gesso, I just pressed the stars into it and added some staples to get them in place! It´s a mess, but a beautiful mess, right?!


Chipboard Thicker were used for the title and stitched down onto the photo. I grabbed a white and a black pen for my final touches – some journaling in a unreadable way and some scribbled lines. Really love how this is looking



The second page is a filler page, without any photos or text, just some awesome techniques and colors. I used the leftover watercolors here and colored the whole page in blue.


The next step and next layer, Art Crayons through the letter stencil. I used the Big Brush for that. I really love to add the Art Crayons dry to a page. I started with a light blue and ended in a grey/black – a little color gradient effect – turns out great!



I added some water to the leftover Art Crayons on the plastic and kissed the paper with it. So I am having a messy dirty edge now and I don´t wanted to waste any color. I also grabbed the new Circle Stamp and Dies Set and added some images in black. A black Start outline and some white Gesso splatters and I am done. Oh no, wait… I also added some scribbled details to some of the letters. I really love how this turned out.


I glued the pages together and added them to my Junque Journal. I really like how they turned out and I am really happy that I started this Journal.

I also have a process video for you to watch –

Thanks for stopping by


Supply List:

Junque Journal
Watercolor Paper Refills
Art Crayons (#2 cool)
Stencil Brush Set
Dies and Acrylic Stamps Set 1 (Circles)
Stencils Two
Perfect Gesso
Chipboard Alpha
12×12 Paper Pad

Beautiful Day

hello, happy weekend everyone. I have a new layout for you
i´ve made this just for fun, to work on ym stash — oh, who am i kidding?! my stash is SO big, there is not a chance to use it up 😉

This layout is one of my favorites i´ve done in a while, it´s just a free flow mind play with the stuff page… kwim?!


looooooook, isn´t it totally pretty?! i am SO in love…



i also have a little process video for you to watch… CLICK HERE

thanks for stopping by

Life is Good | Vicki Boutin

Hi and Hello, Jana here with you today. I have a fun new Layout to share. I really love to play with my Art Crayons, wet or dry, they are just FUN!

I started with the White Foundation Paper but resized it to 9×12. I knew that I wanted to use the Art Crayons dry with the Brushes, so I didn´t use any Gesso on the Paper. The patterned Paper “Soul Food” was used for my inspiration piece and one strip on the white Background Paper.


My Idea was to create a Background that looks like it was made from the patterned Paper. I made my own Stencil (ok, the Cameo did the Job) inspired by one of Vicki´s Stencil – sadly not available anymore – grabbed my Art Crayons and the Brushes. I started to mix the Art Crayons to get the same colors like the paper strip from the patterned Paper.


You can see on the picture that I used white Gesso for the dots on the patterned Paper, I really love how the Gesso looks (especially) on that Paper. The Stencil was made out of white Cardstock, so I am not able to use that Stencil over and over again, but I only used the Art Crayons and some Gesso today. The Stencil looks good, so I can use it on some other projects. I have a thing for circles lately, one of my favorite shapes!


I´ve picked DieCuts and Elements in the same colors like I used for the dots and the colors you can find in the patterned Paper. Layered them all very close around the Photo, added some black tangled thread and some black Foam Word Thickers. Everything was so colorful that I needed a touch of black. The Photo shows my little one in the age of 8-10 months and I love it! He was sitting next to me and was just adorable!


I used the same Art Crayons for a lot of splatters on the Background. I love how easy that is working and how easy you can mix the colors together. It is important to clean the Brush between the colors, otherwise you´ll get a nice brown… haha!


The Layout was also inspired by a Layout i´ve seen a few weeks ago, and I did not realized that I did a scraplift from that Layout. Sometimes it just happens, right?! The Layout is from Michelle Wedertz.



I have a process Video for you to watch, hope you´ll like it!
thanks for stopping by today


Supply List
Foundation Media Paper
Thicker – Foam – Phrases
Art Crayons #1 warm and #2 cool
Ephemera  Cardstock Die-Cuts – Icons
Ephemera Cardstock Die-Cuts – Frames
Big Brush Set
Watercolor Brushes