Junque Journal | Vicki Boutin

Hi there, Jana here with you today and i have some fun new Junque Journal Pages to share. I grabbed the August Prompts and worked on the second week; Bright and Bold Colors, Plastic Wrap, Numbers and white Gesso wash.

Here are my supplies for today: Watercolor Refills, Junque Journal, Watercolors, Acrylic Paints, Stencils, Big Stencil Brush, Gesso and some Die Cuts


I decided to work with three different watercolors and three different acrylic paints. I wanted to mix them together so I looked for matching colors. I really love to mix and match different types of Medias. This gives you a nice look of different layers and different tones.


I primed all of my Watercolor Re-Fill Papers with a thin coat of the perfect Gesso, I wanted to add a lot of water and I just wanted to get sure that the paper will not curl up. I added watercolors to my first page and I also added water to the paper, that allows the colors to mix and blend and of course to move around… this gives nice mixes of the colors and a nice blended crossing between the colors.


I tried to stamp with the Plastic Wrap through one of the stencils, but I failed. Lesson learned. I grabbed some white gesso, the big stencil brush and a stencil instead and added a nice white image to the bright watercolors.


My first try was to add the colors to the paper in circular motion but this worked to not that good. I took some of the watercolors with it and it kinda mixed together and the gesso was not white anymore (You can see it on the following picture in the lower right corner). The second try was to just dab the gesso through the stencil and this worked perfect! I added some white gesso splatters to finish this background.


To finish this page I only added a few things, a black number, a label (with the Medias/Tools on it) and a brush lettering quote. I love how the black looks on the colors.


The second page was also made on a gesso primed watercolor paper. I tried the Plastic Wrap stamping with watercolors. I love this new technique. I have stamped with all kind of different things but never tried some plastic wrap; so much fun!



I used the same elements to finish this page.


For the third page I decided to stamp with acrylic paint and this gives you a totally different look then the watercolors. You can see more details from the plastic.


Before I finished this page I added some matching acrylic paint splatters, I love how this looks. You don´t need much stuff to create some very interesting pages, right? This page also got a black number, a label with used materials/tools and a quote. I am totally happy how all of the pages turned out. It´s nice to try some new things from time to time and the Junque Journal Prompts are always good for it!


Here is a little process video for you to watch, enjoy it!

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Supply List:
Junque Journal
Watercolor Re-Fill Papers
Perfect Gesso
Acrylic Pop Paints Set 2 and Set 3
Big Stencil Brush
All the Good Things “Frames” Pack


Hey Zebra | Vicki Boutin

Hey everyone, Jana here with you today. I had a little break because of some health issues and I am so happy to finally craft again! It´s a real nightmare when you can´t do what you really love, right?!

Today’s project is inspired by the new Junque Journal August Prompts… Vicki made a new set of activities for the next four weeks and they are fabulous; It´s more of mixing and trying new things.
I grabbed all six of the first week’s prompts. Pastel Colors, tool – bubble wrap, flowers, in the middle, color blocking, kraft and rose gold.


My supplies for today, Foundation Paper, Art Crayons, Acrylic Paints, Bubble Wrap, a Kraft tag, some white clouds, fussy cut flowers and some bits and pieces from the Icons and Frames Pack. The photo for today’s layout shows a Zebra, from a trip my hubby and the boys did in July (I couldn´t join them, but they send me a lot of photos)


I started with mixing my Acrylic pop colors with white paint, because the colors should be pastel I needed to calm them down. I also mixed some Art Crayons with white acrylic paint, this works great!
Before I started this project I had a look in the pattern papers and fussy cut some of the flowers out from the “picked for you” Paper and so I knew what kind of colors I wanted to use.


I grabbed the bubble wrap and pressed it into the wet acrylic paint, flipped it over and stamped it in the middle of the Foundation Paper. I love how this is looking and the acrylic paint dries pretty quickly.


After that first layer was dry I decided to add some stencil brush work. I mixed some Art Crayons together and applied it through the stencil with the big stencil brush on top of the bubble wrap stamping. It´s a nice tone on tone detail and I really like it.


To finish that background I decided to add some rose gold splatters. I watered the glaze down just a tiny bit, so much easier to get some nice small splatters. Another nice detail in the mix


I centered all my elements in the middle from the page. The big Kraft tag is the base for everything; I placed the photo on top of it and added two clouds to it. The flowers and DieCuts were placed around it to create a nice balanced scene. My journaling was written on a yellow label from the Frames Pack and to complete this project I scattered some epoxy dots from the Finishing Embellishments Pack.



I really had fun with this Layout and I hope you´ll like it too
there is a process video for you to watch on my YouTube channel – https://youtu.be/4DxBKB4_Vbg

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Supply List:
Foundation Paper
Art Crayons – Neutral and Warm Set
Acrylic Pop Colors – Set 1
All the Good Things – Icons Pack
All the Good Things – Frames Pack
All the Good Things – Finishing Embellishments
All the Good Things – “Picked for You” Paper
Stencil Brush
Stencil – Flowers
Rose Gold Glaze

gesso & watercolors | vicki boutin

Hi everyone, Jana here with you today. I have a new Layout to share. This page started with a picture. I was sorting through my photos and found two cute ones from my oldest son, when he was 5 or 6 years old. He was climbing in the trees, one of his favorite’s hobbies when he was little. I saw the picture and was thinking on a CutFile I have, a tree trunk. I immediately had to think about painting the tree trunk with gesso and watercolor/Art Crayons.


Here you can see some of my Supplies for today; Perfect Gesso, Foundation Paper and Art Crayons. But I will also bring in some Watercolors, Junque Journal Mixed Media Paper and some stamps.


So, I started this page by cutting three of the tree trunk shape with my Cameo. I was not sure about layering or using different colors together. The white cut got a thick layer of Gesso. Irregular so it gets some texture right away. I also painted a Junque Journal Mixed Media Paper with Gesso because I wanted to try some Watercolors/Art Crayons on it.


I decided to use five different brown tones for my painting. I grabbed a piece of plastic and added watercolors and art crayons to it, mixed with some water, ready to paint.


But before I started I wanted to stamp or bring the colors on the Junque Journal Page. I just wanted to try and see how the colors are changing with more or less water. Sometimes this can be very helpful, especially if you are using the colors for the first time or on other backgrounds or materials as usual.


I really love how the colors are looking together and due to the different covering power, it looks alive and not flat. Now I knew how the colors are looking and was pretty sure that I wanted my tree trunk in these colors. I started with the outer area, in dark brown. Up to the inside I was getting brighter with the colors and used more water. But I have used several layers of color and at the end I have added splashes of paint. I am so happy how this turned out. I also loved the negative from the tree trunk so I wanted to use it too. I loosely cut around the shape and layered it under the original piece. Love how this is looking! I added some stitches with my sewing machine.


I already knew in advance that I did not want to use much decoration next to the photo. I punched out some butterflies from various VB papers and a thin paper bag and sewed them together with the sewing machine. I wanted to have the tree trunk as my main focus on this Layout.


I added two pieces from the Frames Pack to my picture and because I had no Idea what to add next I decided to punch out some leaves from one of the 7×10 Paper Pad. I put some of the leaves under the butterfly; the others are lying around on the paper almost loosely. My title is a mix from the Chipboard Alpha and the Foam Words…


My final touch here, I adapted my journaling to the contours of the tree trunk.


I really had fun here and I am totally happy about this layout.
There is also a little process video for you to watch – CLICK

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Supply List:
Perfect Gesso
Foundation Paper
Art Crayons – Neutral Set
Junque Journal Mixed Media Paper Re-Fill
Circle Stamp Set
7×10 Paper Pad “All the good things”
Chipboard Alpha
All the Good Things – Ephemera Frames
Thicker – Foam – Phrases

Junque Journal Summer School | Vicki Boutin

Hi there, Jana here with three more pages for my Summer School Junque Journal. I swatched all the colors last week, and this week I focused on the Art Crayons – all three Sets, for sure!



I started with the Cool Set from the Art Crayons; I think it is the favorite Set from me… I love the bright blue and green tones.  I grabbed the Watercolor re-fill Papers and started with a layer of white Gesso. I used a pallet knife for it and it is textured layer. I was not looking for perfect and thin; otherwise I had used my brayer for it. Oh no, wait… I started with stamping; the Circle Stamps and Dies with black Ink on white Cardstock. I used the biggest stamps and the middle sized die, so that I will still have a circle on the Cardstock, the outlines from it.


I used the “kissing” technique, mixed with splatters and brush work. I love how the different colors are matching and mixing! The background is already done and you can see my perfect new Art Crayons holder and the stamped circles… I am in LOVE!


I wanted to add some different textures, some dimension and a messy look. The negative from the stamps are my elements here. I added some wonky messy looking scribbled circles, some black thread and some machine stitching. I also grabbed a brush and the same colors I added before to blend the white cardstock into the background, I really love this effect. The last thing I added here was the heat embossed word “cool” – I used an embossing Ink Pen for writing and a blue embossing powder. Looks cool, right?!


I am totally happy and satisfied with this result!


The Neutral Art Crayons were used for my second page. I also used some stamped circles and messy stitching. The background was also made with the “kissing” technique, the same paper was used – but without Gesso/Gel on it. I used the same black pen (Silhouette Sketch Pen) for the scribbled lines, or in this case, flower stems and leaves.


I added stitching with my sewing machine, used golden thread for the flower details. I really love to use my sewing machine for details like this; It´s giving some texture and a great look.


What is a flower without a Butterfly?! I grabbed some Butterfly Stamps and black Ink and added some butterflies over the flowers. The last thing I have added here was also an embossed title; this time in gold. I really love the embossing pen!!


For the warm Set I wanted to create a heart background. I always have some self-made/Silhouette stencils on my desk; this one I grabbed and used is from Paige Evans.  I am working on the Mixed Media Paper again and I don´t have Gesso on it. I placed the big stencil over the paper and started to fill the inside with Art Crayons and the big stencil brush.


This is a great technique when you want to add some soft colors to your paper. I added two layers of the Crayons and on the second turn the brush was a bit wet and so the colors turned out more vibrant and darker. I love it!


I wanted to add some liquid Art Crayons, like I did on the last two pages. Mixed with water on a piece of plastic and because of that (the water) I added a thin layer of the Matte Acrylic Gel with my brayer. I wanted to have the brush-stencil-work to be crisp and clear and not smudged with the other colors…


I also added some messy stitching to this page. I filled some of the hearts or stitched around it. I used four different colors here and I really like how it looks.


The last things I added here are some messy looking circles; added with the Vicki Boutin Markers in the same colors like the Art Crayons and the word “warm”



I also have a little Process Video for you to watch – https://youtu.be/kLnq3O72IZk

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Supply List:
Junque Journal
Mixed Media Paper Re-Fill
Art Crayons (Set warm, neutral and cool)
Color Marker
Matte Acrylic Gel
Perfect Gesso
Stencil Brush Set
Circle Stamp Set
All the Good Things – Stamp and Die Set No.2
Chipboard Alpha

Junque Journal Summer School/Camp Vicki Boutin

Hello everyone, Jana here today. Have you heard from Vicki´s Junque Journal Summer Camp Challenge?! It is a fun event about your Junque Journal. June is our “warm up” month with a lot of mixed media basics to learn. Vicki posted a list with 30 Prompts in our “Vicki Boutin Mixed Media Community”

You can jump right in, you don´t need to follow the prompts in any order. Grab what you like and start playing! This is what Vicki said… “This is a GOOD PLACE TO START. Do all of them – do some. Do them daily or do 5 in one day. Do them on separate pages or add multiple prompts to one project. Do it your way. Do it for you. Just try something…you won’t regret it!”
So, let´s just start with my pages for the Summer Camp. I´ve done some pages in my Junque Journal so far but I never made some color swatches. I grabbed all of my Vicki Boutin Medias and started to swatch them on the re-fill pages (Watercolor Paper & Mixed Media Paper) for the Junque Journal.
I started with the Arty Crayons (Warm and Cold Set); wet on a Paper I’ve primed with the Matte Acrylic Gel. I just scribbled down a bit of the Crayon and painted with a wet brush over it. I also added some “running” lines to the little square.


For the second page I primed the paper with white Gesso and added the Art Crayons dry, with a Brush through a stencil. I also went in the middle with a wet brush to smudge the color around and to add some splatters.


The next technique is awesome. I used a palette knife to scrape off some color from the crayon and mixed it with the Matte Acrylic Gel. I love this technique. You can create your own personal texture paste with it. Or just prime the paper with a colored Gel. So many possibilities! The drying time is a bit longer when you add too much of the Gel on one spot. Like I did here…


The next paper is filled with the Color Pop Acrylic Paints. All Sets painted on the paper with my finger. You could also use a brush but I really like the look of finger painted color… I also used a pen to get the names on paint strokes. The colors would have changed if I had used a wet brush or applied a thinner layer – it´s up to you how you want to use them. Maybe I will go back and add another page.


I have done watercolors swatches before but I wanted to have them in my Junque Journal too, so I grabbed a Watercolor Paper and started to paint some hearts and added some splatters. I really love the watercolors and I love how the tiny hearts turned out.  I have numbers on the little tubes too!


There are also some Ink Pads in the Vicki Boutin line and they are great! The Colors are nearly the same as the Acrylic Paint… I just grabbed one of the newer Circle Stamps and one of the Re-Fills in black and white and started to stamp… look at the bright colors!


For my last color swatch page I grabbed the Marker (I know you can´t really change them, but I really like them and I wanted to use them…) and just wrote the names of the colors on a piece of paper.


This is what I have done so far – from the list of prompts. But I can´t wait to create more…


Supply List
Junque Journal
Mixed Media Paper Re-Fill
Watercolor Paper Re-Fill
Printed Paper Re-Fill
Art Crayons (Set warm and cold)
Color Marker Set 1 and Set2
Watercolor Set
Acrylic Color Pop Set1, Set2 and Set3
Color Stamp Pads 1 and 2
Water brushes
Matte Acrylic Gel
Perfect Gesso
Stencil Brush Set
Circle Stamp Set
Stencil Set

You are the cutest

Hello, Jana back again with you. I have a new fun Layout to share.
Sometimes a Project comes together on detours, right?! This happened on this Layout.
I started with stamping some circles; I just wanted to do some color swatches. But I had so much fun stamping with the bright colors (Color Stamp Pads Set2) that I grabbed many more and went totally crazy.


As you can see I also went fussy cutting crazy, haha! This Layout really took me some time. I stamped for a while, I fussy cut for a while, I organized all the elements for a while, I glued everything down for a while… oh and I also stitched like crazy for a while! But despite the whole work, I had a lot of fun.

I stamped with three Sets and six colors (Color Stamp Pads Set2)… and yes, there is yellow and orange on this Layout. When you know me and my Projects then you may have noticed that these are not my first color choices. But today I wanted to create a bright Layout and the six colors are working so great together; I just didn´t want to separate them!


I grabbed some Art Crayons (Warm Set) for matching tiny color splatters. I really love how this looks, is giving the final touches.


Then I grabbed my tablet, watched some scrapbooking process videos and started to cut out all of the stamped images. This was very relaxing.


Once I was ready I grabbed the 6×8 and the 12×12 Paper Pad from the “All the Good Things” Collection to punch out some matching hearts. I wanted to add some patterned Papers to my stamped Elements. But the colors from the Papers are not as bright as the stamped Images on the white Cardstock – I will not use any of the hearts. But look at the photo, I love how it looks


I wanted to have something behind the elements, but don´t wanted to add Mixed Media. I wanted to have the stamped and splattered Images as the main focus and they should stand out from the rest. So I decided add some sewed lines with my sewing machine to the Foundation Paper; round about 2” of each color. I have done that to other projects before and I really love this effect!


I used a lot of 3D squares to adhere all the bits and pieces down. I wanted to get sure that the Chipboard Letters will stay in place (because of all the thread on the Paper and the different dimensions) so I used Liquid Glue for them. I used the black Letters because I wanted to have something that will stand out from the ocean of bright colors and you´ll also find some black in the photo…


I also have a process video for you to watch. https://youtu.be/xDGi1_TXRek

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Supply List:
Foundation Paper
Art Crayons (Warm Set)
Color Stamp Pads Set2
All the Good Things Stamp and Die Set 1 and 2
7×10 and 12×12 Paper Pad
All the Good Things – Ephemera Frames
Chipboard Alphas

Together | Dimensional Wreath | Vicki Boutin

Hi and hello, welcome back, Jana here with a fun new layout to share. I love to create dimensional things on my Layouts and so I had a look into the Silhouette Store and grabbed a CutFile from a Wreath I really liked. Looked for some patterned Papers and let my Cameo cut aaaaallllll the leaves, and believe me, there was a lot of!

I limited myself to a few with the colors. I wanted to have it almost monochrome…
the Watercolors for the Background, the Wreath and the finishing Elements; all in green and blue tones.

This is what all of leaves looked before I started to create that layout.

I used my favorite Mixed Media Paper for my background, the Foundation paper! I added a LOT of water to it and “kissed” it with color on a piece of plastic.
I love how the paper is handling all the water without getting curled up or any kind of damage.

Look at this; it reminds me of a sky full of clouds or the ocean. I used my heat tool for drying but also grabbed a paper towel to soak up some of the extra colors in the corners.

Once everything was dry and ready to go I started with building the wreath on the background. This took me a while but totally worth the time. I glued the pieces together so that I was able to move it around as one big piece, without having to worry about it falling apart again.

The picture (I changed it a few times during the process) shows my hubby and my little one. I love this photo. But you can also see some of the stamped circles behind the wreath. Have not mentioned it yet, right?! I stamped with the Circle Stamp Set and the Watercolors some circles behind the wreath. I really love how that worked and looks!

On this point I was sure that my page was done! I´ve added Watercolor Stickers, fussy cut some of the Butterflies out (12×12 Paper – Social Butterfly), grabbed some Glitter Foam Hearts and the Word “my” , two pieces from the “All the good Things” Frame pack. Oh and I´ve added a lot splatters too.
But nope, I changed my mind – way too much this time – and added more details and more DIY Elements.

But now I am done and happy with it! Love the pinwheels… I added some of the Enamel Dots from Finishing Embellishments to the middle of each of them and look how pretty they are…

I also have a little Process Video for you to watch – https://youtu.be/csBLDh06KAw

Thanks for stopping by and see you soon

Supply List:
Foundation Paper
Ephemera Cardstock Die-Cuts – Frames
Watercolor Cardstock Stickers
Dies and Acrylic Stamps Set 1 (Circles)
Self-Adhesive Finishing Embellishments
All the Good Things 12×12 Paper Pad
Thicker – Foam – Phrases

all kinds of awesome | vicki boutin

Hi there, Jana here with a new Layout and let me tell you one thing about it… I LOVE it!
I really love to mix Vicki´s Watercolors and the Acrylic Paints. I love how they looked mixed together and how easy it is to get a 12×12 sheet filled with a masterpiece 😉 I made the Background and was kinda proud of myself… ha-ha, no I am just kidding.
But let´s talk about my project for this week.


I started with a 12×12 sheet of the Foundation Paper, grabbed three Acrylic Color Pop Colors, some Watercolors and started to have a looooot of fun! Seriously! I stopped thinking and added layer and layer of color, rolled the brush over the acrylic colors, added splatters and just went crazy here! I am totally happy when I can sit and create some awesome color heavy backgrounds. Have you seen my last layout with the circles? I started similar to this project, it´s so relaxing and satisfying – watch the colors running over the paper. Layer for layer of colors, mixing new shades and… oh so pretty!


From purple to light pink… in different shades. Look at it! I also “stamped” with a bubble wrap in the wet Acrylic Color and flipped it so that I stamped with purple in the other pink tones.


I wanted to create a page with lots and lots of hearts. Oh Yes! I used four different sized punches and started to bring the 12×12 sheet into hearts. I don´t wanted to mix the colors; I wanted to have them like I painted the paper. Look how pretty that looks!


Another sheet of the Foundation Paper was used for my background. I added four big black lines with a big brush and some black splatters. I wanted to create a big contrast to the other colors, that’s why I decided to go with black. I love how that worked. The hearts are really popping off the page. Right?!


I used my sewing machine with black thread to attach the bigger hearts to the Paper; Black thread for more contrast.  I used 3D squares for some of the smaller ones. Just for different dimensions.


The photo is showing me and my hubby, the newest photo from us, and because of the rare factor of a good picture I already scrapped that photo.  But next to the photo I only added three other things; one black foam word, a bird and the label next to the photo. That´s all!



Here is a little Process Video for you to watch

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Supply List:
Foundation Paper
Acrylic Color Pops (Set 2 & 3)
Watercolor Set
Ephemera  Cardstock Die-Cuts – Icons
Ephemera Cardstock Die-Cuts – Frames





Spring – Vicki Boutin

Hi and hello, Jana back again with a Layout for Vicki Boutin´s Mixed Media Makers!
I had some very (!!!!!!) busy weeks and so i totally forgot to post on my blog… if you want to see my latest VB Layouts please feel free to jump to Vicki´s Blog or my YouTube Channel to watch the latest projects… Thanks!

but let´s talk about todays project… i am in LOVE with it!
I started my background on the White Foundation Paper and Acrylic Color Pops (Set 1, 2 and 3). I wanted to create a spring layout and i wanted to create some circle „flowers“

I added the Acrylic Colors to the background paper and used a big brush for it. i added just a tiny bit to water on the brush, so that it was easier to spread the color around. I let them mix together and i love the colors so much together.


I used two Art Crayons for matching splatters, mixed them together until i was happy with the colors. Oh and before i´ve done the splatters i grabbed my palette knife and added some white Gesso to the Acrylic colors. I don´t wanted to cut into this paper i just wanted to frame it and hang it on the wall 😉 i am deeply in love with it…



but, i was very brave and i cut it… i used the Circle Dies from the Stamp and Die set and some scallop circle punches from my stash


I have five different sizes now but before i stitched them together i decided to add another layer of color to some of them. I grabbed some Bubble wrap for stamping and the Color Stamp Pads (1 & 2) and had fun!



I also made some circles out of Vellum and Tissue Paper… layered at least four of them together and added a lot of stitches with my sewing machine. I folded them up for more dimension and i also let the long thread ends on the circles. I really love the messy look of it.


I wrote the word „spring“ with one of my brushlettering pens… used it as a stencil for this stitched title. I love how this looks – this kind of extra embellishments needs a lot of extra time but it is worth the work and time!

Here is my finsihed Layout! Because of the busy layered „flowers“ i decided to go with a small and kinda empty photo… i also colored the butterflies like the Circles. I used grey textured cardstock for my background and for more texture i added a thin layer of white acrylic color to it. lots and lots of splatters and yes, i am done! and in love!




I also have a Process Video for you to watch- THIS WAY

Thanks for stopping by today

Supply List
Foundation Paper
Acrylic Color Pops (Set 1,2 & 3)
Cardstock Stickers – words
Watercolor Cardstock Stickers
Art Crayons #2 cool
Perfect Gesso
Dies and Acrylic Stamps Set 1 (Circles)
Color Stamp Pads (1 & 2)