Junque Journal | Vicki Boutin

Hi and hello, Jana here with a new Project for the Vicki Boutin Mixed Media Makers.
Have you ever used a Junque Journal?! Vicki has one Album in her Collection which is great to start your first ever Junque Journal, like me! I have never made/used one and I have not decided yet which theme I want to focus on in mine. Maybe this will be a random Journal album, some practice sheets for mixed media techniques, brush lettering or some VIP photos and notes.
Included in the package is one journal that features a D-ring and has 12 mixed media pages and 4 tabbed dividers.


But let´s start with my Cover first… I used some white Gesso first, stamped with a bubble wrap to get a nice and messy look. Really love how that turned out.


I grabbed three color pop acrylic paints (Set 2 and 3) and added a thin layer over the gesso and bubble wrap stamps. You can still see the gesso and the stamped “images”. A few Flowers (Stamp & Dies “All the Good Things” Set 2) and a bird was used for decoration. I also added a little Label and the word “note” from the “All the Good Things Frames” pack – everything I’ve added to the Cover  was glued and sealed with the Matte Acrylic Gel. I really love to use the Gel as an adhesive.


I also prepared my first Page with the Matte Acrylic Gel (Watercolor Paper Refill) because I wanted to add a lot of color and water. The color will not soak right into the paper and gives me time to complete or play around with more color/water.
I picked five different colors from the Art Crayons (#2 cool) and scribbled them on a piece of plastic (Thickers packaging) and added a lot of water…


The next step is so easy, just flip the plastic (be careful when you have a lot of water on it) and press it on the paper. I really love how that works and that you can see the color “kissing” the paper. You can also change the image or help the paint by moving the plastic or with more pressure.


Once everything was dry I sewed the pages together, now I have a pocket to fill.


I added some more Art Crayons with a big round Brush and a Stencil. This is a great technique for little details or just another layer of color. First you need to scribble some of the Art Crayon on a piece of plastic (this is included in the Brush Pack), then you pick up the paint from the Art Crayon with the Brush


Place your stencil on the paper and now you will use the brush with circular movements and light pressure… the image will be smooth and light if you want to. But you can add as much color as needed or wanted. When you use the Brush with a touch of water the image will change a lot.


The last touches are some stamps and two butterflies from the Rub-Ons.



The divider was made with Gesso through a stencil, more kissing technique with the Art Crayons and a touch of Gold. I added some water to the Gold Glaze used for splattering and also painted some lines from the Stencil Image.



I really had fun getting this Album started, I can´t wait to get some more pages done.
Check out my process Video here on YouTube https://youtu.be/-5KYUh8rKw4


Supply List:

Junque Journal
Watercolor Paper Refills
Matte Acrylic Gel
Creative FX Glaze Gold
color pop acrylic paints (Set 2 and 3)
Stamp & Dies “All the Good Things” Set 2
Picked for You (12” x 12” Paper)
Art Crayons (#2 cool)
Phrase/Glitter Foam Thickers
Ephemera Cardstock Die-Cuts – Icons
Ephemera Cardstock Die-Cuts – Frames
Big Brush Set
Stamp and Dies (New Set – Circle Stamps)


booth 4.1 K35 | JOT Moodboard

hi there, it´s me…
back among the living – i had a nasty cold that kept me in bed the entire last week! i would call it flu and i am happy that i am without fever and able to leave the bed!

so, you all know that i am the biggest fan from the JOT moodboard challenges, right?! This month moodboard is awesome, soft colors and the best part… you can win a guest month at the JOT Team! how freaking awesome!!! This would be a little dream come true, seriously!


another picture from the creativeworld in frankfurt… me, smiling kinda weird/strange, at the booth from WRMK/AC 🙂



i really love how the layout turned out! like i said in the first sentence… i was very sick the last days and my brain is not working good (haha) so i just wanted to sit and create something… without thinking to much. i should do that more often, just making, not thinking 😉

here is a process video for you to watch!

thanks for stopping by today

best day ever | creativeworld2018

hello everyone, today i want to share a new layout with you…
it was the first week of januray (or maybe the second) and i got an email, from American Crafts….. they asked me if i wanted to join them at the creativeworld… um what?!
So, for sure i said yes 😉 i was at the booth for the weekend and monday and i seriously had my best time!


Jim, Yamille, Tage and me… on monday just a few minutes before i needed to leave the booth to get my train… i was tired, exhausted… tired…. but oh so happy! i really learned a lot, i met some awesome people, some german scrapbookers and Terhi (HKC girl from finland) – best weekend ever!



i also have a process video for you to watch, please feel free to CLICK HERE! thank you


Happy No.2 | Vicki Boutin

Hi everyone, Jana back again with a new fun Layout for you.
This Layout is about my Middle One, he turned 13 last year, and he hates me for taking Pictures from him – but Selfies with me are fine! YAY!
So, I wanted to create a Page with a lot of Flowers on it and also some “girly” colors. I started with a 12×12 sheet from the White Foundation Paper but I did not used any Gesso on it.


I used “Coral Macaroon” from the Acrylic Color Pop Paints (set 3) and added water to it so that I can handle the acrylic Color like a Watercolor, I also used a piece of plastic to get the color on the white Paper. Remember, I don´t have any Gesso on the Paper – the paint was still a bit thick for getting the look I wanted, so I just added more water – the paper did not curled up!! The Paper is just awesome, I totally love it! For my second Color I grabbed the Art Crayons (set 1 – warm) and scribbled it onto a piece of plastic, added water and smeared it on the background


Once everything was dry I grabbed some Stamps (Dies and Clear Acrylic Stamps Set1), the Color Stamp Pads (set2) and added some tiny Hearts here and there over the Page.


The colors turned out great and I really love how they mixed together! Buuuuut, i needed a touch of black. The photo shows me and my son and we both have dark hair and I wanted to have the darkness (if that makes any sense to you) on the Background too. So I grabbed a black Art Crayon and some Bubble wrap and stamped it down. Some splatters in black and I was very happy with the outcome.


The Flowers in the Ephemera – Icons Pack are ALL awesome and I grabbed a lot of them for my Layering around my photo and papers. The stamped hearts had not the color I wanted so I covered them up with some tangled thread and flowers. You can always fix little problems by covering them up with bigger Elements or by adding more color.


I placed the big word Happy directly on my photo and love how that looks. On the Foam Thickers sheet are also some golden glitter hearts and they look great next to the flowers, right?


The last things i´ve added are the Finishing Embellishments, like Enamel Dots or Epoxy Dots.
I really had fun with this Layout and I am REALLY in love with it.


I also have a little process Video for you to watch!  https://youtu.be/Weu7gyrMMsg


Supply List:

White Foundation Paper
12×12 Paper Pad
Art Crayons – Set 1 – warm
Watercolor Brushes
Acrylic Color Pop Paints – Set 3
Dies and Clear Acrylic Stamps  – Set 1
Color Stamp Pads – Set 2
Ephemera – Icons
Ephemera – Frames
Thickers – Foam – Phrases
Self-Adhesive Finishing Embellishments
Cardstock Stickers – words

Tell your Story | Vicki Boutin

Hi everyone, i am totally excited to tell you that i´ve made it in the first ever Design Team from Vicki Boutin – the Mixed Media Makers! Woooop…


but let´s move on to my first layout


I started with the Vicki Boutin Mixed Media Foundation Paper and some Gesso. I used an old Gift Card to get a nice, smooth & thin layer of gesso on my paper. I grabbed the Mixed Media Oil Pastel Art Crayons #2 Cool to get some color on my page. I watered them down with one of the Watercolor Brushes and painted them onto the Paper. For a more messy look I used the Art Crayons on the Gift Card – scribbled some lines on the Card, added a touch of Water and smooshed it as a second coat over the paint I already have on my paper. I also used the Color Pop Acrylic Paint Set 2 for some splatters and one of the Stencils with the Creative FX Glaze for another texture on the Paper


I painted the exact same Image on a second piece of paper because I wanted to have some Flowers that looked like they came from the background paper. I used the Stamp and Dies Set 2 from “All the Good Things”


One of the patterned papers (social butterfly) was used to cut out some butterflies to use them as elements on the Layout. I really love how they look next to the flowers.
I decided to add my journaling and the Foam Thicker Word on the left hand side and in a different direction like the text from the stencil. I used two of the Makers for my writing and I really like how good they write on gesso and the art crayons.


I really had fun with this first Layout and I love all the different Things in the Collection and I really can´t wait to create some more pages!
Here is a little process Video for your to watch

Thank you so much for stopping by today
I wish you all a great start into the weekend. any plans?


Vicki Boutin – All the Good Things
Foundation Paper
Creative FX Glaze
Art Crayons
Watercolor Brushes
Markers Set 1
Color Pop Acrylic Paint Set 2
Stamp and Dies Set 2
Social Butterfly Paper
7×10 Paper Pad
Phrase/Glitter Foam
On the Edge Paper Embellishments
Self-Adhesive finishing embellishments
Cardstock Stickers

12 Days of Giving | Hip Kit Club


Hi everyone, welcome to Day 1 of the „12 Days of Giving“ celebration from HipKitClub… Today you can grab Cutfile Freebies from the store. You need to log in to your Account to get access to them! Audrey and I are sharing some Projects created with the Day 1 Cutfiles – some trees! One Set designed by Kim Watson and one from me.

This is my Layout with my cutfiles


I have a little Process Video for you to watch

Please visit the HipKitClub Blog for more Inforamtion

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pain & grief

hi everyone, i have a new layout…
i am a bit nervous about this one and the story, because… nobody else is talking about it! It´s not easy for me to do so, but it is also kind of a therapy for me!
it happened and i can´t change it…



i had a miscarriage back in june… the fact that we got pregnant was a real surprise, also shocked us but in a postivie way… i wanted another baby for so long, but because of some serious hormonal problems it was not possible. i should have taken medication and i have done that a few times, and it was a real nightmare – the hope to get two lines each and every month, I did not want to go through this again and so we decided against another child. i had to fight with the situation, i was sad – very sad!

and then i started to feel sick all day long… i was tired and OH SO sick!
i´ve decided to make a test but i was pretty sure about the result…
my heart was so full of happiness, i cried tears of joy!!
all ended in the first week of june, the worst day was a friday (6/9/17) – i was at home alone and i had to call the ambulance because of the pain! They took me off and directly into the hospital and the operation room for a emergency surgery… worst day ever!
i have gone through this three times, but it is not getting easier… nope! this time was the worst and hardest one!! still dealing with it!

so, that´s it… my worst story from 2017!
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this beautiful life

hi everyone, i have  a new layout for you… for the current moodboard challenge at the JOT magazine blog! LOOOOOOOVE the moodboard… so bright and so fun!

this is my take on it… so freaking excited about it!


i saw the cute colorful „bird“ on the moodboard and wanted to have one on my layout… grabbed my watercolors and started, turned out better then i expected 😉



used stuff from my stash… the b/w flowers are from a dear lizzy paper, acrylic pieces from ColorCastDesigns… heidi swapp and tim holtz… enamel dot from echo park paper

and because it´s fun… PROCESS VIDEO HERE

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