i am so excited today, i am finally allowed to share a big secret with you!


i am IN!! woooho, so freaking amazing and a bit crazy to see my face/name between such a bunch of talent!!!
they wanted to have a brand new layout for the application and i created this one…

i can´t wait to get my first kit today – it should be here today – and i can´t wait to make my first layout and… woooho! can you tell that i am excited?!

and next to that…

wait for it…..



it´s sooooo awesome to be on this team too!
i love all the things Jessica creates and the talented ladies in this group!!
can´t wait to get my first stuff to work with it!
let´s do the happy dance together😉

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9 months

hellllllooooo, how is your week running? mine is HOT, no seriously, the summer came back… and it is freaking HOT! way to hot to spend the time outside…
i am so ready for fall… or even winter would be better right now😉
i bought some crate paper – cool kid stuff and i am so happy that i found the puffy stickers, love them!




and here is the process video, now i am off to get me an iced coffe… or more ice!!
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art love focus

heeeeellllooooo…. it´s september and that means, time for a new moodboard over at the JOT magazine blog!! woooho!
i was inspired by flowers on the table in the left corner, the colors and the wood!


loooooove it! i wanted to try something different with feathers or big paint strokes on my background paper, buuuuuut….
i messed it up, so bad! there was no way to use them! haha, so i started with a white paper😉


i had a hard time to get this done but hey, i made it😉
i burned my finger with the hot glue gun so bad…. but all in one, i am happy how it turned out!

this way to the process video CLICK HERE

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sweet dreams

hello, welcome to Vol.3 of my „use your punches“ series…
this time i am using the leftovers… and boy, i LOVE how this turned out!

i used the word „sleepless“ again, i have made it in two different fonts and the title also works with this layout… so i am ok with the same title😉
i started with a lot of water and watercolors and a BIG brush. love the effect of the running colors on the paper, i don´t know why i used purple but i did!

i had trouble to find something in pruple in my stash, seriously, i don´t know why i used this color! i don´t even like purple😉


but i do love this layout! soooo much!
and because it´s a YouTube series… CLICK HERE to watch my process!
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hello, welcome back to vol.2 of my „use your punches“ series…
on this layout i am using the stars as a element! layered and stapled together!

i started a new job in july and sometimes it gives me some sleepless night. it gives you new options, new things to think about and sometimes just some worries…
but all in one, i LOVE my new job and i am so happy i started it!

i really like the layered stars here! the big word is cut with silhouette

and because of the theme from the page i wanted to have my background black and messy! love how it turned out
wanna see how it came together?! please feel free to watch my video – CLICK HERE

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hi and welcome, i have a new layout and i started something new, a little series…use your punches! i have a few of them but i am not good in using them!
so i started on wednesday with punching out A LOTof stars – out of vellum, glitter gold and all kind of scraps from my stash!
on thursday i filmed my first video and i LOVE it!! seriously!
one day later – on friday – i saw a layout from Paige Evans, and she also used a lot of stars on her layout and i thought, oh look, she likes stars too!
so much stars…. so much love!


look at the baby and the proud big brother!!❤

i have two more layouts and videos to share, but you need to wait a few more days! there are some other things i need to focus on right now – kids, work and all kind of important stuff😉
thanks for stopping by today oh no, wait… there is a video too! CLICK HERE


favorite monster

hello, i have a new layout and process video for you…
there is a scraplift round at the paper issues facebook group each sunday and this one is really fun, it´s from Orange and i love it!

i love all the layers here and the colors and aaaaallll the bits and pieces she used!

this is my take on the lift




i love that photo so much, i wanted to take some cutepictures but he did not look at me at all😉
i have a process video to share too – CLICK HERE

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hi and hello, i have a new layout to share!
it´s about me and some silly glasses!
life is not easy and sometimes very serious… we should take some time to make some silly seflies with the kids and just have some fun, right?!

ha, i love this layout so much!


that´s it for today, oh no, wait… there is a process video also – CLICK HERE

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minimalistic & big title

hey sweets, i have a new layout and a new video for you!
i am totally into clean & simple right now. i love what all the others do on the background papers, mist & colors, cutfiles, mixed media and bright papers…
but i am happy with white and a lot of white space!
i made a layout – minimalistic with a big titel!


Best LOVE! best hubby… soulmate, best friend…
my heart belongs to you❤

and the process video – HERE!

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